Have you asked: Why is mobile website design so important to my business? Why do I need a mobile website? I’m happy with my current website, and its not that old. No one complains about it. Why change? Isn’t this just a way for web designers to make more money?


Consumers are moving over to Mobile devices in a big way. In essence, they are forcing the rest of us to keep up! Consider this: As early as 2013, research uncovered a trend among consumers – the Mobile only shopper. “Exactly one-third of online visitors to the sites and apps of the top 10 retailers… use mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to shop those merchants online.” –InternetRetailer.com

In October, 2015, Google made a further discovery regarding Mobile that all business owners should take note of: “More than half of the 100 billion searches Google gets each month are coming from smartphones.” -Senior VP of Google Search, Amit Singhal. Smartphones are kind of a big deal…

Consider this: 70% of Amazon.com holiday shoppers in 2015 used a mobile device for online purchasing!

Now, here’s the clincher. For the 2015 holiday season, Amazon.com reported that 70% of its customers used a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to shop. Yes, that figure is correct, 70%! Do I have your attention now? Clearly, if you want to reach consumers, your website must be fully compatible with the one device that they keep with them (and use) at all times, a smartphone!

mobile web design trends 2016 #2


Smartphones are now the device of choice for consumers making purchasing decisions. When potential customers researching local retailers and products, they do it on a smartphone. The year witnessed the first ever decline in the sales of pc computers and laptops since the ‘dotcom’ bust more than eleven years ago. However, as traditional desktop computers and laptops have seen a decline, mobile web devices such as tablets and powerful smartphones are enjoying skyrocketing sales. In fact, early 2013 was the tipping point, when more tablets were sold than computers.

Smartphones are now the devices most likely to be used by consumers to research purchasing decisions online.

Can you see where this is heading? We are in the midst of a sweeping revolution because of the newly developed muscle of the Mobile Web. Your business website must adapt to that revolution or lose potential business. My freelance mobile website design services help small businesses to make that change and capture more business from Mobile consumers.

Any website that offers information or news that adds value for customers or potential customers must adapt now to continue to attract consumers online. For most small businesses, that means upgrading to “Responsive” website design. Now!


Mobile Website Design - Responsive

Basically, a responsive website “responds” and adapts to the device being used to view it. It may go from two or three columns to one to fit the screen width of smartphones or tablets. The navigation collapses to be accessible without having to scroll from left to right. Images and video shrink to fit the screen. The photo below shows the benefits of responsive webdesign. In the background, we see a responsive website as it appears on a full-sized desktop or laptop computer. It is perfectly formatted for the dimensions of the screen and uses a three column layout.

Next, notice how the same website “responds” to an iPhone screen. The home page has been automatically re-sized to fit the iPhone screen perfectly and has become one column instead of three. The viewer only needs to scroll vertically to see the rest of the home page content. In addition, the navigation has converted to one that is easily used with finger touch. In this way, responsive web design insures a pleasant viewing experience on all devices. My freelance mobile website design services specializes in responsive WordPress and website development.


Frankly, every business will benefit from responsive web design. Consumers are using mobile devices to research all purchasing decisions. Mobile payments will no doubt accelerate this trend, making mobile devices the preferred device for e-commerce. Those who do not adapt will not reach this fast-growing market. In 2015, tablets outsold personal computers. Many consumers are allowing their home computers to lay idle while they use tablets and smartphones for more and more of their day to day needs. Most online news sources have already upgraded to “Responsive web design.” The savvy small business owner needs to do the same.

Any business that wants to influence the buying decisions of online consumers must have a website that is smartphone and tablet compatible.

Here’s a typical scenario that shows the need for responsive web design: A typical user may do some quick browsing on their smartphone during their lunch hour to research a potential purchase. They find an interesting website, and bookmark it. Later that evening, on a home desktop computer, they go back to the same website seen earlier on their smartphone for more research. If your website is responsive, it will be able to serve that potential customer fully on both Web-enabled devices.


Google states that responsive web design is its top recommendation for mobile friendly websites. This is because responsive websites avoid the issue of duplicate content caused by having two websites, one for desktop computers, and another for mobile. That may dilute the search engine ranking of both websites. You provide a more favorable candidate for strong search engine rankings by having one website that does it all. In addition, having one url for all Web-enabled devices to browse makes it easier for your potential customers. That’s a good thing!


Creating a responsive website does require more time and skill than a standard website design. If you want a more “bespoke” design, it may be as much as 20-50% more than the equivalent non-responsive model. However, there are other options for the small business owner on a budget. Responsive web design need not be an expensive upgrade. By duplicating common standards for certain elements of the design process, costs can be reduced. By using popular tools such as WordPress, a web designer can more efficiently upgrade your website to be responsive.


Let’s face it. It’s not easy to motivate consumers nowadays, especially online. I have a proven solution. It’s called emotional web design. Why “emotional?” Because it touches the hearts of viewers, generating an emotional response that makes your website more appealing and unforgettable. To make a successful connection with a potential customer, it is vital to stir their emotions in some way. I use carefully crafted web design that stirs a yearning for your product or services. In fact, we consider emotion the most vital component of our business-to-consumer website design.


Taking advantage of the fast-growing mobile market should not be put off. I can help you to serve the needs of this fast growing market. Call +234-803-489-9491 or at e-mail  for a free consultation. I can show you options that will help you to benefit from the mobile web market and meet your budget.


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